Blessings for peaceful Married life - Spiritual ways for Indian matrimony . Marriage Pooja, Marriage Rituals and Devotion on Guru , a pure saint like Shirdi Sai baba can help you cross the ocean of wordly life.
Mahalakshmi Pooja for good Married life

Marriage Pooja Temple

Marriage pooja is a humble effort to help indian women and men start their life with devotion on God , Guru and lead a life of simplicity, understanding and harmony through devotion on their favourite God in any religion or a true Guru like Shirdi Sai baba. You are invited for more information at Saibaba temple

Pooja for Good married life

Pooja is a ritual which includes all or any of these, Holy bath - Abishekam to statue of God,Goddess , Guru, Lighting lamps, Offering flowers, Reciting Mantra or sloka and distributing prasad amound family members if pooja is done in house. If pooja is done in temple, the prasad ( sacred offering ) can be distributed amound all devotees.

Marriage Pooja is a collection of specific rituals that i believe will bless you with good married life. Ofcourse you can read other articles here to know the main intention is to help you divert your mind towards God and Guru .

Pooja for Good Married life

Monday fasting and Lord Shiva pooja

Shradha Saburi pooja for Saibaba

Pooja for Goddess Mahalakshmi

Worshipping Tulsi plant

Spiritual experiences :

Sumangali pooja in Lord Shiva temple

Write to venkat :

You can write to me for any guidance or feed back . I will mail you when i get time. All mails are kept confidential. email can be found at

Lord Ganesha Blessings for peaceful married life

Lord Ganesha - Devotion to Lord Ganesha will break all obstacles in getting Married and Family life. I wish there really is a statue and temple for "Kalyaana Ganapathy " because when i

wanted to create a divine temple which will be a blessing for all who wish to get Married, this name came in me by grace of Lord Ganapathy and Guru Shirdi Saibaba. Kalyaanam in my mother toungue tamil means "Marriage" and lets bow to this "Kalyaana Ganapathy" to bless everyone with peaceful married life.

I request everyone who comes to this Divine "Marriage pooja temple" to chant

"Shree Ganeshaaya Namaha"

for 3 times and say a universal , selfless prayer so that the almightly God and Guru will feel happy that we ask for Rain of blessings for familes in whole world.

Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi mantra for blessings to get good husband

Om He Gouri Shankarardhaangi Yatha Twam Shankar Priya
Tatha Mam Kuru Kalyani Kantam Kantaam Sudurlabham

Meaning in hindi : -

He gauri (parvathi) je jaise aap shankar ji ke aradhaangi ( wife u say) ho aur jaise aap shankar ke priye ho meri aapse parthana hai ke muhje aisa vardan do aur mera kalyaan karo ke muhje bhi shankar ji jaisa var mile.

Reciting this mantra 16 times every day will gain Parvathis blessings for marriage.

Birth of Marriage Pooja Temple :

Blessings of Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati and Shirdi Saibaba :

Its Ekadesi day auspicious for Lord Vishnu ( 20:05:2009 ). The past few weeks a desire emerged in me to create a Indian Matrimony website.I could not afford to make matrimonial site.( he ..he...) Being someone who has suffered a lot unnecessarily falling in love and getting hurted , my desire took a better stage. Many Indian familes are facing problems , obstacles and pains in love and relationship. So it will be a blessing if i divert their mind from constant worries and expectations towards devotion on God and Guru.

My mother used to read "Guru Charitra" which is about saint Narasimha Saraswati who lived in 13th century . Its a beautiful Holy book which i opened to ask for permission to Guru if this "Marriage Pooja Temple" created ? . It came to the page where Shri Guru tells a man in chapter 32 that

"Fate Cannot be changed but devotion on Guru has powers to bless you with peaceful life".

People suffering in relationship, problems in getting married or after getting married due to some domestic, financial issues, emotional problems praying for gift of a child , Problems due to fear of health of husband or wife . In the past few years so many have mailed me through .

I have asked a few to light 27 lamps in house or temple, have requested them to give sarees to poor women or if they live abroad, asked them to give sarees or any dress as gift to their welwishers as i believed the blessings you get from ashirwad of others will surely bless you with good life.

Many have been benefitted through my innocent request and guidance but few of them are still in pain due to relationship problems or marriage issues. The word Shri Guru gave me

" Fate cannot be changed "

is a striking message to me. That no matter how much we are involved in marriage rituals, pooja to get married, pooja for peaceful life, pooja for child birth and rituals or mantra for harmony in family , One has to go through their sufferings .

I then opened the book Shri Sai Satcharitra about life of my Guru Shirdi Saibaba who lived in 18th century. I got the page where Saibaba says " you must always remember the guru and serve guru alone " .

I realized the saints are making me clear that this divine "marriage pooja temple" can do and cant do ...

1. Devotion on Guru - A pure Saint like shirdi saibaba helps you :

Yes , it can't be. Lets say you do a pooja for Lord Shiva or any Goddess you love. If you get married ,and feel happy then the credit goes to your good deeds in previous and this birth and also good deeds of your ancestors . More importantly your devotion to Guru ( any Good pure saint like shirdi saibaba ).

Incase if someone faces pains after getting married , again its your own past karma, desire and impatience .This sacred place , my guidance when i have time to children of God is man made. Millions of dollars is spent for "Marriage counseling" in western countries .

Family Marriage Counseling or Pure path shown by Shirdi Saibaba :

When i saw websites which will pay for every minute of Family Marriage counseling ,i wondered if one can earn this way. Having guided hundreds of indian women and men in the past 5 years through , i would have earned well. Again i asked for saibabas guidance and i realized Saibaba wants me to remain detached from profits. My language is not perfect and am not a phychic reader or astrologer. Iam a ordinary indian and try to collect spiritual ways, rituals and pooja, what ever means you can follow to

The words i write , let it be for welfare of millions of men and women who wish to lead a peaceful married life.

Even if what i wrote is wrote, its ok, I only request everyone to show devotion on God and their Choosen Guru and involve in good deeds.

The real profit i get is when you bless me and StarSai family and keep me in your prayers. Let me replay to mails i get if i have time or let the contents of this website help men and women in the path of Light.

"The light of Guru Bhakti - devotion on Guru "

What is the goal of this temple ?


To help you divert your mind towards Spirituality - Serving God and Guru with Pure Devotion by dong the following

1. Light lamps regularly in house and temples regularly

2. Do simple Rituals , Pooja to get married and be blessed with good life partner

3. Involve in Good deeds. I usually request men and women willing to get married or people who face problems in marriage to

a. Give Saree ,any dress as Gift to women , children :

Give sarees or any dress to poor maid servant or lets say women cleaning temples or any poor women who deserves it. Get affordable sarees , keep in a pack along with some flowers , if possible kumkum packet etc . My mother says it will be a great ashirwad if you give to "sumangali" , A women wos happily married but otherwise also its fine. Do not do such charity when many poor people are around as everyone will expect it. ( First decently ask the person if they like to accept your gift , if they ask reason, say that you wish to give as you have vowed to god )

b. Its not necessary that you give the sarees or dress only to poor women. You can give to any welwisher , any family friend or relative or close friends.The point is, you are making a women happy. God alone knows what sins one did for their suffering at present. So by making a women happy with a gift , we are blessed for a better life.

c. Gifts to children is also a blessing :

For those who are not able to find a poor women and those living abroad , you can give sarees or any dress to welwishers after clearly asking if they will accept it . Further if you live abroa and really in a situation that you can give such gifts to women, then give some gifts to children.

When you get blessings from a women, it washes away the sins done to a women in previoud biths and by ancestors :

I am not writing this mechanically friend. The reason i want you to make women and children happy is that one of he main reason why many suffer is beacuse of cursing of a women or sin done to women and children in previous births or ancestors. we can't blame anyone. All we can do is to pray God and Guru to bless us by constantly involving ourselves in good deeds. Sometimes onkly when we try to do good deeds we get in to problems. So be careful friends. These days we have to indentify whos really good and whos greedy and then proceed any relationship.

To how many women should i give sarees :

It depends on your wish and ability. Its auspicious to give atleast 5 to 11 women and get their blessings. This doesn't mean they have to say good words . We are trying to follow dharma in the name of God. So let God keep account of your good deeds. You be free.

Divert yourself , leave your worries and show Love on God and Guru :

The power of Devotion :

When you come to this temple, remember its in your own devotion on God and Guru like Shirdi Sainath is going to help you . Ability to control your emotions is not easy. There are men and women who write to me tha they cant even tell their problems to others and they cry internally . So instead of focusing on needs and desires, try to focus on "Guru Bhakti" - Devotion on a pure Saint like Shirdi Saibaba.

If you are not a Sai devotee, fine...You can worship Lord Shiva,Parvathi, Durga, Mahalakshmi, Saraswathi or any God or Guru from any religion. What bothers me is the worries many parents ,men and women have , their emotional needs, desires and frustration.

Is Devotion without expectation possible for us :

Being a little servant of Shirdi saibaba , having learnt about life of several sai children and guiding them, I am still praying saibaba and Gods i love with expectations , I mean prayers which needs to be answered. There are good sai devotees who asked me why still i am attached to saibaba even when nothing seems to happen.

I say them " A saints heart is like that of a mother. Sai wil only do good to us . May be this bad phase will go in a few days and sai will bless me with a better life".

Though i say this i do have pains when my expectations are not fulfilled. Similarly i request everyone to be normal. Its ok to expect but dont always relate the benefits in your life and devotion. Devotion is pure love on God and Guru . Let us cultivate this habit of showing love on Guru irrespective of what happens in life.

Our goal is to help you use your time in Devotion on Guru.

Its my belief that if you have simple expectations , good nature, helping tendency and pure devotion on Guru, Sai will bless you with a good life.

Prayers to Shirdi Saibaba , Lord Shiva and Goddess Mahalakshmi :

All i have is prayers to God and my Guru . Each one who visit this site will have different needs, desires, expectations or problems in life. Some may be looking for a beautiful married life , some may be in pain due to relationship issues and some may be having health and financial problems.

Let this "Marriage Pooja temple" help you in giving a small diversion . Leave all your worries in the holy feets of Saint Shirdi Sai baba or any God you believe in. Again be clear about my intention

"You can't change your fate, your Guru can , through your pure devotion, a Guru will certainly bless you with peaceful marriage and family life. At times when it doesn't happen , gradually learn to accept the situation and make your love on God and Guru alone as your goal in life. This doesn't mean , you write me that " from now onwards , i wont have desires, let me serve saibaba. No . This is not the change i expect.

I want you to be normal. Be open to the changes externally but internally build a temple for your guru and live in peace. A person with unfulfilled desires goes through pains which kills him/her every minute. So i ask you to come out of your state and grow towards path of light. A divertion in life with pure love on Guru.Let the Guru decide whats best for you in days, months and years to come...".

Write to me if you need guidance in doing Marriage pooja :

If you have any problems in marriage or any pooja methods or temple , god or goddess to pray for Marriage blessings , feel free to write to me from email id at .


Indian Marriage Culture :

Marriages in india is the most important aspect in life of every single indian. I have seen familes who migrated from indian generations before will still stick to their Marriage customs and culture. Indian parents take so much strain right from saving money for marriage of their son and daughter to chosing the right life partner , making sure the bride or bride groom is well educated, is from good family, earn enough and yes , looks good. etc etc. Ofcourse its important to follow our culture and give good life for children. At the same time one needs to realize the divine meaning in marriage and starting a new life.

Marriage is the most Beautiful form of divinity :

When a man and women starts a new life togather , its not the looks, money and family status that matters. Spiritually , getting married itself is a blessing as you help your atman ( soul ) to accept the union of another soul for rest of your life. Where ever two becomes one , God exists there. Such a sacred marriage must be started with blessings of God and Guru, with pure thoughts , less expectations , ability to adjust with each other and willingness to lead a life with honesty and purity. The moment ones ego, habits and desires doesn't match the other, it results in controversy. I wish everone who comes to "Marriage Pooja temple" realizes the beauty of "Living live togather in peace".

As Lord krishna mentions in bhagavat gita

"Heat and cold, pleasure and pain comes and goes , You must learn to tolerate them "

Let this site show a divine path of light for husband , wife and children... Let everyone be devoted to their favourite God and guru and be blessed with a peacefu life.

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